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            Membership insurance coverage

            Cycling Australia memberships provide insurance coverage for its members across a range of cycling activities including races, organised training, individual training, meetings, fundraising activities and travel to and from these activities.

            Summary of Inclusions

            Ride Basic

            Ride Plus



            24/7 Third Party*

            24/7 Third Party*

            24/7 Third Party*

            24/7 Professional Indemnity

            Access to Bike Insurance

            Personal Accident

            Personal Accident

            Access to Travel Insurance

            Access to Travel Insurance

            Income Protection^

            Income Protection^

            Access to Bike Insurance

            Access to Bike Insurance

            Access to Travel Insurance

            Access to Travel Insurance

            * excluding damage to any third party's bicycle or associated equipment suffered in any Cycling Australia sanctioned race event.
            ^ 85% of your normal wage or $500AUD per week whichever is lower.

            The coverage and benefits of your insurance will vary based on the Cycling Australia membership you choose.

            When am I covered?

            1. During official functions, events and competitions of Cycling Australia
            2. Whilst participating in organised social or fundraising activities
            3. Doing voluntary work on behalf of my club
            4. When I sustain an injury during any or all bike riding activities 24 hours a day*
            5. Travelling directly to or from a cycling activity from my house or place of employment

            *excluding where membership (either temporary or annual) with another entity is required to participate in an event or race.  In these circumstances, any insurance claim concerning that event or race would be via the insurance provided by the other membership entity.

            What’s Covered?

            Personal injury cover can pay for Non-Medicare medical expenses.

            ‘Non-Medicare’ means medical costs that can’t be claimed through Medicare.

            Items generally covered include:

            Items generally not covered include:


            Doctor's Fees


            Surgeon's Fees


            Anaesthetist Fees

            Ambulance Transport


            Private Hospital Accommodation

            Public hospital costs

            MRI scans


            Non-Medicare Medical

            Loss of Income                                              

            85% reimbursement

            85% reimbursement

            $5000 maximum per claim

            Up to $500 per week

            $75 excess

            21 day waiting period

            Nil excess with Private Health Insurance

            52 week benefit period

            Additional Resources

            1. You can access Cycling Australia's insurance policy documentation, on the CA/JLT insurance portal.
            2. Find out how to access travel insurance here.
            3. Find out how to access bike insurance here.

            Updated: 02 Sep 2019 02:16 PM
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