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Can I share my own bike on Cykl?

With Cykl P2P you can share your (spare) bike with friends, colleagues or all users that also added a bike.

Only friends can see your bike (in blue).
Easily locate your bike

How does it work?

- Add friends by phonenumber.
- Add colleagues by company e-mail.
- Only friends you can see / use your bike.
- There's no money involved, your friends can ride for free :-)
- Simply remove your bike if you need it yourself.
- See who is using the bike or where it's located on your profile page.
- You are responsible for (the state) of your bike and bear the theft risk.
- Receive a notification by e-mail if a friend reports an issue.

What do you need?

For adding your bike you need:
- a number lock, GPS tracker (optional) or smart lock;
- a photo of your bike;
- a nice name for your bike.

You can provide the number lock yourself or choose one of the options below. 

Send an e-mail to if you are interested in adding your bike!

Cykl regular kit (€20,-)
* 5-digit chain lock
* seat post adjuster
* stickers 

Optional: (additional) U-lock

Cykl GPS kit (€75,- + €15,- /y)
* regular kit
+ GPS tracker
+ SIM card

Cykl Smart kit (€95,- + €5,- /m)
* smart lock with GPS 
* solar panel
* seat post adjuster
* SIM-card
* Stickers
Pick a color or choose a 14mm U-lock

Smart lock kit with solar panel (doesn't fit all bicycles).

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