Cykl Support

How to rent a bicycle?

Renting a Cykl bicycle is plain and simple. You need to register first!

Rent a bike by scanning an QR-code.
1. Sign in to Cykl
2. Scan a QR-code on any Cykl bike with any QR-code reader.
3. Receive a code to open the lock immediately.*
4. Open the lock.

Rent a bike with the Cykl app
1. Sign in to Cykl
2. Select the Cykl destination from the drop-down menu or via the map.
3. Select the number of the bicycle you want to rent.
4. Click 'Rent' to receive the code.*
5. Open the lock with the code.

Rent a bike from Cykl on Vimeo.

* Cykl changes the code of the locks regularly.

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    • Which email addresses are whitelisted?

      If you register into the Cykl bike sharing system with one of the following domains, you can immediately rent a bike (after purchasing credits). Any (student) e-mail belonging to any Dutch university or university of applied sciences; ...
    • Which Penalties can Cykl apply?

      Cykl Penalties Policy The Cykl Penalties Policy has been introduced to encourage positive and responsible behavior.  Repeated minor offences result in higher usage fees (see below) and a higher amount of credits needed to start a ride. Major offences ...
    • For how many hours can I take a bike?

      Because of COVID-19 we can imagine that you don't want to switch between bicycles that often. Therefore the maximum rental period has been extended to 72 hours. The pricing remains the same: 4 credits for every additional 24 hours. Just make sure you ...
    • Payment options

      Before renting your first bike you need to enable recurring payments. For students with a valid student e-mail there is also a pre-paid option. If you enable recurring payments your account will be automatically recharged each time you use 4 credits ...