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Is it possible make bikes available at our office?

Many users like the flexibility offered by the high number of return locations. Regularly users ask if their office / (apartment) building can be added to the network. We are open to add locations in Wageningen and Ede. However, adding locations outside Wageningen Campus results in additional logistics costs. 

Therefore, these locations can only be added to the network if at least 6 employees opt for a subscription. Otherwise, you can choose for a scheduled delivery or make your private fleet available through the Cykl app.

Company offerings:

1. Subscriptions

With a subscription employees can use the bikes a limited time of each ride for free. The subscription can be automatically activated if an employee registers with their company email. Therefore, the employee can immediately start using the bikes.

Currently there are two subscriptions:

first 30-minutes free
€ 7,00 / month
first 12-hour free     
€ 14,00 / month

2. Scheduled delivery (shared fleet)

By opting for a Scheduled delivery bikes are restocked to a agreed number every other week. This is the most attractive option if you want to give your employees the maximum flexibility.

Cost:  15,- per bike / month (includes logistics & minimum = 3 bikes)

3. Private fleet

It’s also possible to make your existing bikes available via the app. These bikes are only available to employees with a confirmed e-mail address of your company and can only be returned at your companies office(s). 

In cooperation with a local bike shop your existing fleet can be equipped with distinct smart and/or analog bike share locks. Contact us at for more details.
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