How to return a bike?

            After use, you should always return your Cykl bike at a Cykl destination.

            1. Open the map by clicking the red map marker icon in the upper right corner and select a nearby stand (within the green circle). Alternatively, select the stand from the drop-down menu.
            2. Check the description and photo for the exact return location.
            3. Hit the ‘Return’ button
            4. Close the lock and rotate the lock pad to 0000.
            5. Hit the ‘select file’ at the bottom of the page to take a picture with your phone camera and subsequently hit upload to confirm the bike is properly parked at the return location. If the upload fails, you can also send a picture via WhatsApp (+31620755489).

            New frame locks

            Rotate the digits to 0000 and close the lock by moving the yellow button down.

            Old U-locks

            Place the lock in the position described below, close the clock with the code you used to open the lock and rotate the digits to 0000.

            The lock should pass through both the square in the frame* and the back wheel. Be careful to not place the lock above the top tube.

            * The square can be recognized as the red area in the image below.

            Updated: 11 Dec 2018 06:54 PM
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