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            Creating A Gallery

            Create a Gallery

            Creating a gallery on Darkroom Event Gallery is a simple process. You're able to customize galleries to suit the needs of your brand or for different events. 

            1. Your Galleries

            Start from the page where you view your galleries. 
            To get back to this page, click 'Galleries' from the top navigation bar in the app.

            Once on this page, to create a gallery press the '+New Gallery' button in the top right. 

            2. New Gallery / Main Settings

            There are a number of fields you will be asked to add details into in order to create your gallery. 

            Gallery Name
            Name your gallery. If you are using Darkroom Booth for iPad, make sure to name your gallery the same as your event so that the photos will transfer automatically. 

            Event Date
            Select a date for the event from the calendar view. 

            Client Site URL
            Add to the end of your URL to form a path to the gallery. Your clients will use this URL to access the gallery, so it may be best using the event name. 
            e.g. https ://yourdomain.eventgallery.com/Lauras18th

            Here you can use the free text entry box to add a description for the gallery.

            Pro feature
            You can add custom footers to the bottom of your gallery. This could have your company name and details. 

            Display Gallery on Homepage
            Toggle on or off.
            You can hide your gallery from your homepage for more private events. By default, this will be toggled on. 

            Access Gallery by URL
            Toggle on or off.
            Choose whether you would like the gallery to be accessed by the client site URL. By default, this will be toggled on. 

            Individual Image Download
            Toggle on or off. 
            Choose whether or not you would like those accessing the gallery to be able to download individual images. By default, this will be toggled on. 

            Enable Gallery Download
            Toggle on or off.
            If you choose to enable full gallery download, you have the option to add a password for security. By default, this will be toggled off. 

            Password Protection
            Toggle on or off.
            You can add a password which will be required to view the whole gallery. By default, this will be toggled off. 

            Watermark Visibility
            Pro feature
            Toggle on or off.
            If you wish to add a watermark to all images that go into your gallery, toggle this button on and select your template from the drop-down menu. 

            3. New Gallery / Advanced Settings

            There are a number of advanced settings that you may like to set for your gallery. 

            Email From Name
            Pro feature
            Add a name that will appear on the email when guests share their images. This could be your business name or your own name. 

            Reply-To Email
            Pro feature
            Enter the email address that you would like guests to be able to reply to after they receive their image.

            Pictures Sort Order
            Select from a drop-down menu how you would like your images to show.


            • Date uploaded (newest to oldest)
            • Date uploaded (oldest to newest)
            • File name (A to Z)
            • File name (Z to A)

            Download with Watermark
            Pro feature
            Toggle on or off.
            If toggled on, all images download will show the watermark you selected. By default, this is toggled on.

            Show Breadcrumb Navigation
            Toggle on or off. 
            Shows the user the path they took to get to where they are. By default, this is toggled on.

            Sharing Methods
            Tick or uncheck the social sharing methods you would like guests to be able to use. 


            • Facebook
            • Facebook Messenger
            • Instagram
            • Twitter
            • Copy URL
            • Email

            Image Page Settings
            Tick or uncheck all the page settings that you would like to show. 


            • Show gallery name
            • Show gallery link
            • Show author
            • Show date
            • Enable logo link

            Custom Logo Link
            Add the link you would like your logo to lead to. 

            Pro feature 
            Upload your logo to add to your gallery. 

            Pro feature
            Upload your favicon which will show on the tab of your gallery.

            Microsite Logo
            Pro feature
            Upload your microsite logo.

            Live Feed
            Enable or disable Live Feed for your gallery. 
            Once enabled, you have a few options to manage how the live feed will run. 


            • Pictures duration
            • Logo duration
            • Logo animation duration
            • Background color
            • Display order (Newest first, pictures mix, or random order)

            You can also upload a logo to be shown on the live feed. 

            4. Create

            Once satisfied with your gallery settings, press 'Create'. 

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