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            Booth Control - General

            New in release 2.5.522 and above is a feature we call Booth Control. With this feature you can operate your photo booth from a phone, tablet or another device on your wireless network. 

            In Global Settings, select Booth Control (figure 1) and check the box to enable (figure 3). Next on your phone, tablet or other device join the same network and open your browser and in the address bar type in the IP address shown in Booth Control (figure 2) followed by \menu. The address may be different on your computer but in this example you would type\menu.

            The screen below should display on your device (see below). Note: for proper operation the slide show must be enabled. You can use the Generate to disk option if you do not plan to offer a slideshow at the event.

            In the screenshot below you can see all of the options available 

            1. Slideshow - Selecting this option will show the current setup slideshow. You can use this to display a remote slideshow elsewhere in the venue

            2. Kiosk - This option is a user-operated kiosk where your customer can browse images and Text, email or reprint their photo.

            3. Survey results - Here you can see the survey results if you are doing a survey

            4. Photo Control - A work in progress, Photo control allows you to see images taken in the booth instantly on your device and cancel a session if needed.

            5. Custom Controls -You can add items to the device control section in global settings such as sounds, videos or Phidget relays and control those remotly.

            6. Display Stats - This item will display information about the booth operation such as number of sessions and media remaining in your printer.

            7. Links - This is a list or menu item addresses you can type directly to access any of these features.

            8. Booth Controls - Control any feature of the booth such as selecting a background for green screen or choosing B&W or Color.

            9. Manage Album - Offers all of the features of the kiosk mode plus a option to remove images from the slideshow.

            10. Menu - Takes you back to this main menu screen.

            Updated: 27 Jul 2018 12:25 AM
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