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            How do I Record Video?

            Booth can record high quality video using SLR cameras that support video recording. The camera must have a memory card with sufficient space for the recordings. Most Canon cameras allow Booth to copy the video off of the camera and save it to the computer then delete it from the card. For Nikon you will need a card large enough to hold all of the videos for the event. Most SLR cameras will record video in Booth in any camera mode (P, M, A, T). The sound is recorded using the microphone built  to the camera. Some cameras like the Canon T3i have a port for an external microphone but others like the T3 do not. Video recording is disabled in the trial version and does not work with the Powershot series.

            Here is a free sample event to help you get started.

            Where are the videos stored?

            Updated: 14 Sep 2018 07:42 AM
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