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            Darkroom Core, Pro and Assembly all require authorization for full use. For Pro and Assembly, a hardware protection key (similar to a USB thumb drive) must be plugged into the computer to do this and it must shipped to you. Our Core software, for 9.2, added the option of activation with a code. This allows Core to be an instant download. When you purchase Core you can choose between a download and activation code or the hardware key like Pro and Assembly. If you choose the code will receive an 18 digit activation code via email with a download link for Core. After you download that double-click to install. When you run Core the first time it will ask if you want to Activate. Choose yes and enter your 18 digit activation code. After that Core will be licensed to run in full mode.

            Activation requires brief internet access. You will also need internet access to deactivate one to move your license to a different computer (Core is licensed to be run on one computer at a time).

            To deactivate Core and transfer the license to another computer go to the Setup Tab then to  under System Info and at the top of that page choose "Deactivate this computer". You will need to know your code to deactivate or the password you entered when you activated. Once you deactivate you can activate another computer. Uninstalling the software does not remove the activation. Be sure and deactivate then uninstall. If you forget you can reinstall the software, then deactivate, then uninstall again.

            All of our Darkroom software is for Windows and there is no Mac version. They will run with Windows in Boot Camp, and with a Hardware key in virtual environments (like Parallels or Fusion).
            Updated: 14 Oct 2019 08:31 AM
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