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            Screens Tab - Screen Properties

            When creating a new screen or editing an existing one you have the following options. See below for details.

            Descriptive Name - You can give your screen a name that is unique to that screen.

            Filename - The file name is filled in for you based on the Descriptive name.

            Horizontal/Vertical - Set this for the screen orientation that you will be using in your booth.

            Template Size - Set this for the screen resolution of the monitor you are using in your booth. When creating a new screen it will default to the screen resolution of the monitor you are on at that time but if you are designing on a different computer than your booth you will need to change it to the booth screen size.

            Crop Setting - Use this setting to control how the screen will display if used on a monitor that does not match the template size.

            Background Color - You can set the screen background to any RGB color.

            Text Color/Opacity - You can set the default text color and opacity. This can be overridden in the text properties of each text item in the screen.

            Adding Sounds - Sounds can be added in almost any sound format like mp3 or wav. To add general sounds to a screen open the screen in the screen editor and click on the "Edit Screen" icon the the lower left. In that properties dialog choose the "Music and Sounds" tab. Select your event and then chose the sound to add. All sounds are embedded into the screen file and will transfer to another computer with the screen. Sound file length will take priority over the set timing, for example, if you have 3 seconds set between photos in the timing tab but you add a 10 second sound between photo 2 and 3 it will wait until the sound file is finished playing before going on to photo 3. Sounds can be added to an on screen button within that buttons dialog at the bottom (see below) and are also embedded in the screen for easy transfer from one computer to another. Here is a link to a video on Adding Sound to a Screen

            Updated: 27 Jul 2018 01:57 AM
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