How do I get my Enrollment key?

How do I get my Enrollment key?

Contact your instructor or call the Institute at (904) 337-9544.  Office hours are Monday--Friday from 9am--5pm ET.
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    • The enrollment key won’t let me access the course.

      If it has been more than 60-days since you signed up, your account may be inactivated. Submit a Support Request, to reactive your account. The enrollment key is case-sensitive and consists of two CAPITAL letters followed by three numbers.  If you ...
    • I don’t have/can’t find the enrollment key

      The enrollment key was provided by your instructor.  If you did not receive your enrollment key, please submit a support request for further assistance.   Search terms: Enrollment key Don’t have enrollment key Can’t find enrollment key How do I get ...
    • I logged in before, but I can’t get back into the Learning Center.

      Be sure you are not using your email address as your username or password.  Confirm that you are using the correct username and password.  Remember the user name, password and enrollment key are all case sensitive. Ensure you have cookies and ...