Recommended Tablets for Use with Dot3D Pro

Recommended Tablets for Use with Dot3D Pro

Non-Rugged Tablets:
  1. Microsoft Surface Go 3 (DPI-10/SR compatible)
  2. Microsoft Surface Go 2 (DPI-10/SR compatible)
  3. Microsoft Surface Go (DPI-10/SR compatible)
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro series (Surface Pro X is not compatible)
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (DPI-10/SR compatible)
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Rugged Tablets:
  1. DT Research DT301X Rugged Tablet
  2. Zebra L10 Series Tablets
  3. Surface Go + MobileDemand Rugged Case
  4. TrimbleĀ® T10 Tablet
  5. MobileDemand xTablet T1270
Recommended Cables:
  1. Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable 1.6 ft
  2. 3.1 Gen2 4K 10G USB C to USB C Cable 1FT
  3. USB C-to-C 22 cm - Silver
  4. USB C-to-C 22 cm - Black
  5. USB C-to-A cable included with all RealSense kits

**Please note that USB-A to USB-C adapters may not work properly for this connection. We recommend the USB C-to-C options listed above.**

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