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            Natural calamities are adverse; they make humans so weak that they are unable to cope up with this loss. However, humans are responsible for natural calamities, because of the unnecessary use of resources available on the planet.

            Although, measures were taken by the government, fighting against these calamities will only result in damage to the livelihood. But there are some people who fight against these and help people, no matter what.

            One such person is Dr. Kam Habibi.
            Puerto Rico was hit by hurricane Maria and thought the administration was helping the people with basic amenities, Dr. Habibi stepped up to help the people on the island. He took the team to the island with basic equipment to help people trapped in the hurricane. Along, with his team, he helped many people rescue and took them safely to the refuge.

            This assistance by Kam Habibi was truly fast and successful and it was important for the casualties to get help at the earliest opportunity. The save officers helping the casualties were less in numbers, yet with the assistance of Habibi, the effect of the short help was reduced.

            Dr. Bahram Habibi, in the wake of giving the assistance to the general population, was around the island, with the goal that he could give long-haul supported alleviation to the casualties. He remained a vital piece of the circumstance and aided in the reconstructing procedure. This procedure will, in any case, take a few years and he had helped in giving a transitory suggestion to those whose homes are totally demolished. 
            Dr. Bahram Habibi
            Bahram Kam Habibi has done everything, he could do to help the general population; his endeavors ought to be valued by everybody. His assistance in the long battle has supported in this disastrous cataclysmic event, and many individuals have valued his assistance.

            He has even introduced a power generator, which was a to a great degree basic way to deal with spare individuals' lives, who was kicking the bucket of the absence of oxygen because of energy cuts in healing center. These individuals are presently treated at these healing centers to lighten the conditions caused by Maria.

            Dr. Habibi’s efforts are appreciative and not only just Puerto Rico but the whole world needs people like him, who are ready to help the victims selflessly.

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