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            Kam Habibi: Chiropractic Physician stood alone to help the victims of Hurricane Maria

            Dr. Kam Habibi is a licensed Chiropractic Physician and is linked to many medical institutions and is work is always applauded.
            Before knowing further about Kam Habibi’s present life, you must know about his education days that have helped him to be current state. In 1992-96, Kam Habibi went to Life Chiropractic University is the place where he earned the title of Chiropractic Physician. After that, he went to associate’s of Arts Degree from Edison Community College. With help of this, he has completed an awesome offer of scholastic coursework, acing a variety of Chiropractic and restorative subjects.

            After completing his education, he worked with many private practice and medical facilities. Working hard for long helped him in launching Deerfield Beach Medical Center and later Deerfield Beach Outpatient in 1998 in Sunrise Florida.

            Currently, Dr. Kam Habibi offices are located in Florida and Atlanta in Georgia. Dr. Habibi has other offices too in Boca Raton, Orlando, Pompano Beach and Port Dt. Lucie.

            Now why Kam Habibi is famous because of work he did was exceptionally great and humble. There was a time when city Puerto Rico was completely hamperedand destroyed by Hurricane Maria and people were in huge trouble.

            So it was Kam Habibi who stood alone and started to help people who were in danger because of his hurricane. Let me tell a fact that more than 50% of people were stuck without electricity. However, Bahram Kam Habibi helped many people who were victim of Hurricane Maria.
            Dr. Kam habibi came up with all of helping equipment and along with the crew to help people. One of the best thing about this incident was thatdeath rate at Rico was less when compared with other natural disaster. He and his crew have saved numerous people who were attacked by Hurricane Maria.

            He was seen there, where no rescue officers were seen. So, he decided to stay on the island for helping more and more people. Interesting thing is that he stayed on the island for few days are considered as one of the major sources of rebuilding process. Local people will and always are obliged for what all he did.

            Kam Habibi is fond of reading book related to his field and always is a decent listener, observer, and speaker.
            Dr. Bahram Habibi effort of offering and saving so many people in this tragic disaster has been welcomed by all. He has saved many lives with his hard work. The community of Puerto Rico has seen the massive exertion he has put in to save their island, maybe the world will now start to hear his story too.

            Come lets discuss his achievements in brief, He is been affirmed by National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and has even gotten testament control under Anesthesia in 2008. He holds enlistments with various restorative affiliations, including Florida Chiropractic Association. He is even a delegate for Alabama Department of Health, Education, Disability to say the very least.

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