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            How Do I Set The A Record For Register.Com?

            Setting the A Record

            Access to some of the technical settings for your account depends on whether or not you are using Register.com's Domain Name System Servers (DNS Servers).

            • If you wish to modify your IP Address (A record) you must first log into your Account Manager
            • Click the domain name you wish to modify
            • Click Edit IP Address Records below ADVANCED TECHNICAL SETTINGS towards the bottom of the page
            • This will open a page on which you can add, edit or delete an IP Address (A Record). You will be given the option to direct your domain name towards (the IP Address)
            • You may make the necessary changes, and click Continue to apply them
            • Click Continue again to confirm the changes

            Modifications to your IP Address require approximately 12-24 hours to be acknowledged by the Domain Name Servers, (DNS) for your account.

            For more information, click here

            Updated: 29 Aug 2017 04:13 AM
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