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            How To List The Office Policies Of The Office

            Providing the office policies of your practice will help current and potential patients learn more about you and your practice. The office policies page automatically includes the following: introduction statement, mission statement, billing/co-payment policy, cancellation policy and emergency instructions.

            There are three examples for each tabbed section within Office Policies. You can use the text automatically provided by the Web builder or alternate text provided in the tabbed Office Policies section, or write your own text in the space provided.

            How to List the Office Policies of Your Office

            • Click Control Panel
            • Click Practice Profile
            • Select Office Policies
            • A tabbed screen for Introduction, Mission, Billing, Cancellation and Emergency Instructions will be presented. Each screen has three samples of text that you can choose. You may use the text, modify it to reflect your practice’s policies, or write your own.
            • Click Save
            • Click Close

            Updated: 29 Aug 2017 04:13 AM
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