What if my shipment was a Department of Defense (Military) GBL shipment?

            If your shipment traveled under a United States Government Bill of Lading and was handled as a DP3 shipment, you are required by the DoD/Military to enter your claim in the DPS system within 75 days from the date your shipment was delivered. You cannot file your claim directly with the Carrier/TSP or Eagle.  While we are happy to assist you with the process of navigating the DPS system, the claim must be filed through the DPS system.

            Please go to www.move.mil and click on DoD Customer for instructions on registering and gaining access to DPS. Once you have the user name/password, it may take several hours for the account to be activated. If you have difficulty accessing the system or while using the DPS system, please contact the help desk for the site at 800-462-2176 Option 5. ◦ Once you have entered your claim into DPS, it will be automatically forwarded to the Eagle Priority Claims office.

            §  Eagle will send you a confirmation email and also assign the claim to an adjuster to begin processing.

            §  Your adjuster will contact you if he/she requires any additional documentation.

            §  Please be aware that a claim typically takes up to 60 days to be settled.

            ·         User Tips

            o   Turn off your Pop-Up Blocker if using Internet Explorer. Currently, DPS does not support the Firefox browser or MAC computers. Claim status must change from "In Progress" to "Submitted."

            o   If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact Us form or give us a call at (866) 239-1116.

            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 01:47 AM
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