Assignment Editor Settings

Information on Assignment Settings

Assignment Settings


Teachers can alter assignment settings from the Assignment Editor.



A. Settings - In your Assignment Editor, click the Gear button to enter the Assignment Settings. Click Open All Settings.

B. Student Tools - Click on Student Tools to add student tools to the assignment. Details

C. Basic Settings - Click on Basic Settings to choose basic assignment settings such as locking an assignment as a Common Assessment and randomizing question order.

D. Student Report - Click on Student Report to change student report settings.

E. Control Retakes - Click this option to control assignment retakes.

F. Student View - Click on Student View to set view preferences for students.

G. Access Time Windows - Click this option to set the days and times of the week that students can access the assignment.

H. Access Control - Click this option to set student access limits.

Links to examples of each type of setting are below

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C. Basic Settings
Real-time Connect - A new feature to allow video call during assignments! Great for distance learning! 
Focus Tracker - records time spent on / off assignment tab from student and reports to teacher. Gives student warning about this. 
Randomize Question Order - Students will be presented with questions in random order. Not recommended for passage based assignments! 

D. Student Report
Hide Answers and/or Scores - Customize what the student sees when they complete the assignment. This can be changed over time if you want to initially prevent students from sharing answers but later want to review. 

E. Control Retakes 
Control Retakes - Turn off the ability for students to retake the assignment. 

F. Student View
Time Limit on Assignments - Sets limit on amount of time student has on assignment before it is automatically submitted.
Turn off Unanswered Question Alert - Useful for younger students when assessing using a mix of Edcite and other questions. Student can submit without seeing alert about unanswered questions if some questions are answered outside of Edcite. Less useful now that work capture feature exists! 
Allow Answer Checks - Allow students to check if they are correct or not after each question. Great for formative assessments. 

G. Access Time Windows
Access Time Windows - Remove access to the assignment by day or by time. 

H. Access Control
Access Control - Sets a start / end time and date for a window where the assignment can be opened and submitted. 

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