Create a Batch

Create a Batch of Multiple Choice Questions

Follow these step by step instructions to create a Batch of Questions.

1. From your top navigation bar, select Content and then click Create Question.

2. Select the Student Action button, then choose the Select Answer button. Choose the Multiple Choice Question and click the Create Batch button.

3. Create a .csv file like the one shown in the example below:

Q1This is a passageAnswer the question.Correct AnswerWrong AnswerCorrect AnswerWrong Answer
Q2This is another passageAnswer the question.Wrong AnswerWrong AnswerWrong AnswerCorrect Answer

4. Note that the header is optional. If your file has a header, make sure you check the 'File includes Header' checkbox so the header won't be read as a question.

4. Click the Upload File button and your file will be uploaded into the page.  You should see as many rows in the table as there are questions in your file. 
5. Click on a cell to see a menu with options for that cell. For e.g, you can use the rich editor on the stimulus, question prompts and answer choices with the 'Edit' menu option.

6. Set the correct answer by checking the 'Answer' checkbox in the menu. The selected choice will turn green.

7. Once you have confirmed that everything looks as it should, click the Save Question button. You will see a prompt indicating that your questions have been saved.

8. You can use the Preview button on the right to view the question when saved. 

9. Your saved questions will be available under Questions - My Questions.

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Updated 17 Feb 2020

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