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            Assignment Editor Settings

            Assignment Settings


            Teachers can alter assignment settings from the Assignment Editor.



            A. Settings- In your Assignment Editor, click the Gear button to enter the Assignment Settings. Click Open All Settings.

            B. Student Tools - Click on Student Tools to add student tools to the assignment.

            C. Basic Settings - Click on Basic Settings to choose basic assignment settings such as locking an assignment as a Common Assessment and randomizing question order.

            D. Student Report - Click on Student Report to change student report settings.

            E. Control Retakes - Click this option to control assignment retakes.

            F. Student View - Click on Student View to set view preferences for students.

            G. Access Time Windows - Click this option to set the days and times of the week that students can access the assignment.

            H. Access Control - Click this option to set student access limits.

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            Updated 14 Mar 2019

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