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            Our Assignment Library is a rich resource filled with teacher-created assignments. There are two ways to search for an assignment in our Library; by Term or by Standard. This document will walk you through Searching by Term.

            Find an Assignment

            A. Select the Search button.

            B. Enter your search term in the space provided and click the Magnifying Glass button.

            C. Filter your search by Grade, Subject, or Standard by using the filters on the left side of the page.

            Search through the list of assignments until you find one that is appropriate for your students.

            For each assignment, you may want to:

            D. Assign the Assignment to Students.

            E. Preview the Assignment.

            Send an Assignment

            When you are ready to send an assignment to students,  click the Assign button. You will be navigated to the Assignment Scheduler. Here, you can:

            F. Assign the assignment to Classes, Students, Groups, or with a Link. The link is used to post in Google Classroom or to write on the board for students to copy.

            G. Check the box beside the class, student, or group you are sending the assignment to.

            H. Set the start time and end time if desired.

            I. Click the Assign button.

            Once the Assign button is clicked, you will receive a confirmation message confirming that the assignment has been sent successfully. At this point you can close the box and go back to the Library, Manage the Assignment, or view the Live Progress of the assignment.

            For more help on this or any other topics, please contact

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            ENG 01-001

            Updated 24 Jul 2018

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