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            Assignments - Create

            New assignments can be created from questions that are found on your My Questions page, questions from another assignment, newly created original questions, or questions from our Question Library. Follow these steps to create a new assignment.

            1. From your top navigation bar, click Assignments and then select Create Assignment.

            2. Name your assignment in the space provided.

            3. Add any notes you would like students to read before they start working on this assignment.

            4. Click the (+) button to add questions to your assignment.

            5. Assign the assignment to your students or Share the assignment into the Edcite Library.

            NOTE: Edcite will automatically save any changes you make in an assignment every few seconds.

            For more help with this or any other topic on Edcite, please email

            The following is the link fo the Google document with this solution:



            Updated 13 Aug 2018

            Updated: 13 Aug 2018 04:39 AM
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