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            Class Roster Upload

            Edcite allows teacher to add students to their class(es) using a file upload.  This is useful if you get class rosters from other systems (SIS, LMS, etc.) used in your school or district.

            Follow these step by step directions for uploading your students.

            1. Prepare your roster file. Edcite requires 5 columns of data in the file. A header row with the column title is needed.  You can use a sample file to help you. If you are using the sample file, copy it, add your students’ data, and save the file with a new file name.  The following link is the sample file:


            2. From the top navigation bar, click Rosters and select Classes.

            3. Click on the name of the class which is found on your Class Cards.

            4. Click the Upload CSV button.

            5. The File Upload page will open. Click the Upload File button.

            6. Select the file from your computer and click the Open button. The student data from your file will upload into your class.

            For more help on this or any other topics, please contact

            Click the following link to access the Google Document for this solution:



            Updated 17 Aug 2017

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