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            Edcite Schools Authorizing Teachers to Access Schools Folders from the Main Admin Account

            The User Management tool is used by administrators to give members of their team access to view or edit assignments, questions, rosters, and reports within their Edcite Schools account. The User Management tool can only be accessed by the main admin account.

            Follow these instructions to use the User Management tool.

            A. User Management Tool - click on the Schoolhouse icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen and choose User Management.

            B. Individual Teacher vs. Teacher Groups - choose whether you want to authorize an individual teacher or a teacher group by chooseing the correct circle.

            C. Select the Teacher - check the box beside the teacher you would like to authorize.

            D. Manage Authorization - click the Manage Authorization button.

            E. Set Authorizations - choose the Reports, Assignments, and Questions you would like to give access to. Click Submit Authorizations. Your authorizations for this educator have now been set.

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            Updated 28 Aug 2018

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