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            Edcite Schools - Creating A Teacher Assigned Common Assessment

            Edcite Schools - Creating a Teacher Assigned Common Assessment


            Teachers can create a Teacher Assigned Common Assessment. Common Assessments allow other team members to use the same assessment so that data for all students is compiled in one set of reports.

            Note: The creator of the Teacher Assigned Common Assessment is the only user who can unlock or edit the assessment.

            Note: For the Teacher Assigned Common Assessment to work effectively, it MUST be moved into a Schools Folder (see below).



            A. Assignment - Create an assignment. Mark it as Active.

            B. Settings - In your Assignment Editor, click the Settings button.

            C. Basic Settings - Navigate to the Basics Setting tab.

            D. Mark as Common Assessment - Check the box beside Mark as Common Assessment and click the Save Changes button.

            Note: To share a Teacher Assigned Common Assessment with other members of your team, please move it into a Schools Folder. For more information, click here.

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            Updated 13 Mar 2019

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