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            Edcite Schools Exporting Data

            Follow these step by step instructions to Export Data from an Assignment Report.

            1. In your admin pages, on the top navigation bar select Assignments and then click Report Hub.

            2. Select the Teacher Assigned tab.

            3. Select the Common Assessment(s) you want to view the report for by checking the box next to the name.

            4. Click the Generate button the the Master Assignment Report.

            5. Set up the data in the desired format. Choose between percertage or points. Decide if you want to view the results by Aggregate (overall scores), Standards (only if questions are tagged to standards), or Questions (scores by items).

            6. Click the Export to CSV or Copy to Clipboard buttons to export the data. If you click Export to CSV, the program will download a copy of your data into a CSV (Comma-Seperated-Value) file to your computer.  This file format can be opened in Excel or Google Drive Spreadsheet. If you click Copy to Clipboard, the program will copy the data to your clipboard for easy pasting into spreadsheets.

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            Updated 29 Sept 2017

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