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            Edcite Schools Reports - Live Progress

            Reports - Live Progress


            Teachers observe students’ live progress as they move through an Edcite assignment. Teachers can intervene in the moment if a student is on the wrong track rather than waiting until the assignment is submitted.


            Accessing a Report

            A. Select Assignment - click the drop-down menu to select an assignment.

            B. Select a Class - click the drop-down menu to select a class.

            Analyze Data

            C. Classes  - choose to look at data from one class at a time or all of your students at once.

            D. Progress  - illustrates the amount of students who have submitted, opened, and unopened.

            E. Question Average - illustrates average scores by question.

            F. Results - shows live progress. Teachers can see which question students are currently working on in the assignment. It also shows which questions were answered correctly, incorrectly, or are teacher-graded.

            G. Preview  - opens a preview to a specific question.

            H. View Entire Assignment - opens the assignment in the Student View.

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            Updated 31 Jul 2018

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