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            Edcite Schools Reports - Summary

            Edcite Schools Summary Report


            Summarizes all of the data from one assignment. This report can be viewed by question or by standard. Totals can be viewed by percentages or points.


            Accessing a Report

            A. Reports- Navigate to your Reports Hub and select Summary.

            B. Select a Assignment - check the box next to the assignment name.

            C. Select a Class  - check the box next to the specific class.

            Analyze Data

            D. Filters - allows users to filter by date, type of assignment, name of assignment, class, grade, and teacher.

            E. Assignment Information -  detailed information about the specific assignment.

            F. Visual Summaries - visual representations of the summary data including Question Details, Submission Status, and Standard Details.

            G. Aggregate vs. Question vs. Standard - choose to view the data by aggregate, question or standard.

            H. Percent vs. Points - choose to view the data by percentage or by points.

            I. Student Data - table containing all student performance data for the assignment.

            J. Aggregate Data - illustrates the min, max, and average scores.

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            Updated 30 Mar 2019

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