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            Edcite Schools Roster Uploads

            Follow these step by step instruction to upload your Rosters into Edcite Schools.

            1. Click on the link below to open a CSV spreadsheet.


            2. Make a copy of the spreadsheet and add your school or district name to the title of the spreadsheet.

            3. Upload your information on the sheets below the black line.  Be sure to enter information on each page including Teachers, Classes, Students, and Students to Classes.  Be sure to include your Administrators on the Teacher page.

            4. Email the completed sheets to an Edcite Team Member.  The Operations Team with upload all of the information into your Edcite Schools account.

            5. Once you have received an email confirmation for an Edcite Team Member, log into your Edcite Schools account to confirm that all of your Roster information is accurate.

            For more help on this or any other topics, please contact

            Click the following link to access the Google Document for this solution:



            Updated 12 Oct 2017

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