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            Edcite Schools Scheduling and Sending Teacher Assigned Common Assessments

            Follow these step by step instructions to schedule and send a Teacher Assigned Common Assessment in Edcite Schools.

            1. From your top navigation bar, click Common Assessments.

            2. Select the Teacher Assigned tab and then find your Grade and Subject folders.

            3. Find the assignment and click the Assign button.

            4. The Assign Page will open.  You can assign by class or by student.  Click the box next to the class or students you would like to send the assignment to.

            5. You can set the Access Control for when students can access the assignment. Click the Gear button and select Access Control.  Set the start and end dates and times in the space provided and click the Save Changes button.

            6. Once you are ready to send you assessment, click the Send Assignment button.

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            Updated 2 Oct 2017

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