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            Edcite Schools Grade District Distributed Common Assessments

            Follow these step by step instructions to grade a District Distributed Common Assessment.

            1. From your top navigation bar, select Common Assessments and click the District Distributed tab.

            2. Find the Assignment within this list of distributed assignments.

            3. Click the Grade button.

            4. The Grade Page for this assessment will open.  Teachers can look at grades by students or by questions when they click on the appropriate tab.

            5. Click the Open All button to open all of the student responses at one time.

            6. Sort student responses by Student Name, Status, Score, Time Spent, or Date Submitted by clicking the arrows beside each column.

            7. Select the class you want to view by clicking the Classes drop-down menu.  Print results by clicking the Print button. Export the results by click the CSV button.

            8. Click the Summary Report button to generate a Summary Report. Check the Show Retakes box to show any retake scores submitted by students.

            9. Click the (+) sign to see each student’s work.  You can move from question to question by clicking the question number.

            10. In this window,  you will see student responses for each question. If it is a teacher-graded response, teachers will be able to add the number of points students earned. For each student, you have several options:

            1. Click the Add Remarks button to add your own personal comments.

            2. Click the Show Question/Response to see the question with its response in a separate window.

            3. Click the arrow on the right to see the entire Student Report.

            11. To add Bonus Points, change the number in the text box beside Bonus and click the Regrade button.

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            Updated 30 Oct 2017

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