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            ES District Distributed Common Assessment Standards Report

            The District Distributed Common Assessment Standards Report is used for examining data based on standards. Only one assignment can be analyzed at a time in this report. Follow these step by step instructions to generate a Standards Report for a District Distributed Common Assessment.

            1. In your account, in the top navigation bar, select Reports Hub.

            2. Select the District Distributed tab.

            3. Check the box beside the name of the assignment and scroll to the bottom of the page. Find the Standards Report and click the Generate button.

            4. The report will open in a new window. The report is divided into three distinctive subsections. The first section contains two bar graphs. The bar graph on the left analyzes scores based on domain.  The bar graphs on the right analyze scores based on highest and lowest standards.

            5. The chart in the middle of the report analyzes data by standard.  Check the box to Highlight Highest Scores by Standard. Toggle between the Class View and Teacher View.

            6. The bar graph on the bottom of the report illustrates a different representation of the Scores by Standard.

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            Updated 7 Nov 2017

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