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            Google Classroom - Assigning Directly to Google Classroom

            Google Classroom - Assigning Directly to Google Classroom


            Teachers can assign an assignment directly to Google Classroom.

            Note: Assignments can only be sent to Google Classroom if your Google Classroom has been uploaded to Edcite. Click here for more information.



            A. Assign - Click the Assign button to assign the assignment to your class. The Assign button can be found on your My Assignments page, Assignment Editor, Library, Collections or Home Page.

            B. Assignment Scheduler - Check the boxes next to the classes you would like to send the assignment too. Google Classroom classes are denoted with a G in the right column. Choose a start date and end date if desired.

            C. Assign to Google Classroom - Check the Assign to Google Classroom box.

            D. Assign - Click the Assign button. You will receive a confirmation message.

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            Updated 13 Mar 2019

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