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            Product Updates

            09 April 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Added Oklahoma Standards
            2. Added South Carolina Standards
            3. Added Multiple Choice under ACT Aspire Q type list
            4. New Admin Help Solutions - Mapped to specific pages

            02 April 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Added New Jersey Standards
            2. Share Collection Page - Shows Follower / Following button
            3. Matching Item Type - removed tries allowed 

            26 March 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Get Assignment Pathway for Non-Logged In teachers to copy newly found content easily into their account
            2. Logging in for QL will allow students to save work

            19 March 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Added Enhancements for Admin Sign In As Teacher or Sign In As Student 
            2. Florida Common Assessments Initiative Launched
            3. Missouri Common Assessments Initiative Launched
            4. Item Analysis Report - Click to View Students instead of Hover

            12 March 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Admin Activity Report - for admin and subadmins. If you'd like to try this out, email us at
            2. Student Notes Available in Saved Answer History
            3. Updated AIR Graphing Calculator - can evaluate expressions, closer alignment to real calculator
            4. #062 SBAC Keypad Question Editor - Added grade level setting to customize keypad

            05 March 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Arizona Common Assessments Landing Page
            2. Massachusetts Common Assessments Landing Page
            3. Draw Points / Lines Question Type - student draw functionality now matches SBAC, AIR and FSA tests
            4. Drag and Drop (math and text) - can now put answer bank at "bottom" (below student response area)
            5. SBAC / AIR / FSA Viewer - added context menu to match viewer on state assessment
            6. Added student name and rosterid to Teacher Standards Report 

            26 February 2018 Update - New Features

            1. SBAC Viewer - Updated to match recent SBAC changes
            2. No Class Specified Option - for Edcite Schools teacher managing students without roster access

            19 February 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Updated Alert Message to new look
            2. Teacher Reports Hub - District Distributed: Item Analysis Report and Standards Growth Report Added
            3. Essay Response #100 - Option to restrict the characters in student response
            4. New Admin Assignment Editor

            12 February 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Added Georgia State Standards
            2. Questar Viewer - Limited Release (for feedback)
            3. Essay Type Viewer Now Supports all Rich Text Editing Options
            4. New Admin Assignment Editor

            5 February 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Assignment Dashboard - If more than 20 students, question numbers will show at bottom (Shout out to Dave Limbaugh in OH for this suggestion!)
            2. Super Bowl Landing Page
            3. Class Names show up when you hover over the abbreviated class name on home page and class dashboard - good for longer class names from Clever
            4.  Item Analysis Report for OCA's - Pulls opt in data for a particular common assessment. Available on OCA Reports Page.
            5. OCA Summary Report - Shows teacher's own students' data AND aggregate opt in data for that particular common assignment.
            6. DRC Viewer - Available in Edcite Schools
            7. Questar Viewer - Available in Edcite Schools

            29 January 2018 Update - New Features

            1. Teachers can restore answers from Saved Student Work and Regrade using the restored answer
            2. [ES Only] Teacher Authorization Form - Individual Teacher Setup.  Fills out with teacher's own restrictions

            22 January 2018 Update - New Features 

            1. Added Mississippi State Standards
            2. Quick Link Page for Students - Updated look and feel to encourage students to login
            3. Teachers and Sub-Admin with ALL Distribution folder access will be able to access distributions that are not in folders
            4. New Sign In with Google button on Login page
            5. Common Assessments Page for Teachers - Teacher Assigned - Assign button will open most recent copy of assignment instead of generating a new copy. New copies can still be made from My Assignments page.
            6. AIR Viewer - Paginated stimulus 

            16 January 2018 Update - New Features

            1. AIR Viewer Look Updated with new Numbering and Top Design (Pagination coming soon!)
            2. AIR Graphing Calculator is Available with AIR Viewer
            3. Updated OH Standard Codes 
            4. Anonymous Quick Link Student Work - Saved on Grading Page

            8 January 2018 Update - New Features

            1. User Management Data Structure Updated to allow admin account to manage user access and set up new sub admins
            2. Sub Admin will be able to access pages that they are given access to instead of getting full access by default
            3. For more information, contact

            26 Dec 2017 Update - New Features

            1. Assignment Library available from assignment editor

            18 Dec 2017 Update - New Features

            1. TN State Standards Added (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies)
            2. Assignment Editor - Add Questions now allows selection across pages of questions on My Questions and Questions Library
            3. Question Editors - Warning about formatting if large amount of formatted text is pasted into question editor. If you see this warning, we recommend clearing the formatting and reformatting the text in Edcite's text editor.
            4. Question Editors - Add Question Part now shows a full listing of question types so any question type can be added as a part B.
            5. Rubric Report - Added a table of data at the bottom to show individual student scores by column

            If you have any questions about an update or new features, send us an email at

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