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            Question Bank - Create

            Teachers can create question to either use it an assignment or share with their colleagues to be incorporated into a Common Assessment.

            Follow these instructions to create a new question.

            1. From your top navigation bar, select Questions and then click Create Question.

            2. Click on the type of question you would like to create and then select the Create Question button.

            The following chart includes several question types and their corresponding step by step instructions:

            Question Name


            Question Type - Multiple Choice


            Question Type - Fill in the Blank


            Question Type - Table Checkbox Answer


            Question Type - Select Bar Graph


            Question Type - Select Text from Excerpt


            Question Type - Select Text from Stimulus


            Question Type - Dot Plot Answer


            Question Type - Drag and Drop Math


            Question Type - Drag and Drop Text


            Question Type - Drawing Answer


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            Updated 13 Aug 2018

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