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            The Question Bank contains over 14,000 teacher-created questions covering grades K-12 and a wide array of subjects and topics. When creating a new assignment, many teachers look to the Question Bank for questions to incorporate into the assignment.

            The Question Bank allows users to search for questions using either the Search Term or State Standards.

            Search by Term:

            1. Search Term - enter a search term in the space provided.

            2. Grade - filter by grades K-12.

            3. Subject - filter by subject.

            4. Multimedia - choose questions that incorporate either a video, image, or audio clip.

            5. Grading - filter by type of grading.

            6. Question Type - filter by question type.

            7. View - select the number of questions you would like to view per page

            8. Sort by - sort your results by popularity, newest, or oldest

            Search by State Standard:

            1. Select Your State - use the drop down menu to select your state.

            2. Select Subject - use the drop down menu to select a subject.

            3. Select Grade - click the (+) sign beside the grade level.

            4. Select Standard - click on the specific standard. Results will populate on the right.

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            Updated 15 Apr 2019

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