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            Question Type - Multiple Choice

            Multiple Choice #005


            Students select response(s) from a series of choices. Single select answers or multi-select answers are available. This question is useful for all subject areas and grade levels.


            Additional Samples

            Sample 1

            Sample 2

            Sample 3

            How to Create the Question

            A. Blue Pencil - Enter the stimulus by clicking the Blue Pencil button and opening the editor.

            B. Question Prompt - Add a question prompt

            C. Answer Choices - Click the Add Choice button to add additional choices. Click the (x) button to delete a choice.

            D. Point Values - Change the point value of the question.

            E. Delete -  Delete an answer choice by clicking the red x.



            Setting the Correct Answer

            To set the correct answer, click the letter beside the correct answer choice. (refer step C)

            Additional options - click the Gear button for more options:

            • More than one correct answer - check multiselect.

            • Advanced scoring options - selecting one of these

              • Additive without Negation

              • All or None

              • Additive without Negation Auto

              • Independent True/False

            For more information, click here.


            Updated 27 Feb 2019

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