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            Teachers grade student work, add bonus points, and add remarks. Grading with a rubric is also available. Auto-graded questions will be automatically graded but those points can be altered on this page.


            Accessing a Report

            A. Select Assignment - click the drop-down menu to select an assignment.

            B. Select a Class - click the drop-down menu to select a class.

            C. Grade by Student vs. Grade by Question  - click the tab to either grade by student or by question.

            Analyze Data

            Grade by Student

            D. Select a Student - click the plus sign next to the student you wish to grade.

            E. Select the Question - click the question number you would like to grade.  Questions numbers underlined in yellow represent teacher-graded questions.

            F. Grade - add the grade in points your student received.

            G. Remarks - add a remark for your students. Students can access these remarks from their Edcite accounts.

            H. Bonus Points - add bonus points if desired.

            Grade by Question

            I. Select a Question - click on the question number you would like to grade.

            J. Open All - select the open all button to open all student responses for that specific question.

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            Updated 31 Jul 2018

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