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            Edcite automatically saves students responses every minute or so while they are working.  If you do not see your student responses on your Grade Page, search the student’s Saved Answer History to retrieve the student’s responses.

            Searching through student history response can be done before or after the assignment is submitted.

            Follow these steps to find saved responses before the student submits.

            A. Student  - find the student’s name.

            B. Show Work  - click the Show Work button.

            Follow these steps to find saved responses after the student submits.

            C. Student -  find the student’s name.

            D. Results - click the (+) to expand the student and see results.  

            E. Expand - click the arrow on the right to open the Student Report in a new tab.

            F. Saved Answer History - click the Saved Answer History button.

            G. History - Click the History button.

            H. Set as Answer - Click on a question to see the student’s saved work at a particular point in time. If you want to set that response as the answer for the question, click the Set as Answer button.

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            ENG 04-001

            Updated 30 August 2018

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