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            Assessments - Secure Student Assessment Environment

            The following information is provided for schools and districts that need to secure student computers and browsers for assessments using Edcite.   

            Windows and Macintosh Systems

            To secure the test setup for Windows and Macintosh systems, we recommend a downloadable browser provided by the Safe Exam Browser project.  This browser has been tested with Edcite and is available for download at no charge.

            Please see the Safe Exam Browser FAQ below for details on setting it up for use with Edcite.


            Chromebooks include tools for secure student assessments.  Please see the following page for details on how to setup Chromebooks for student assessments.  


            You will need to add and any other sites needed during the assessment in the URL Blacklist exception list.


            For iPads, Apple provides a Guided Access mode that allows you to restrict users to one app, in this case the Safari browser.  Guided Access along with controls on website access can be used to secure an iPad for student assessments.

            Please see the following page for details on setting up the Guided Access mode for iOS devices.


            Safe Exam Browser FAQ

            Q1. What is a Safe Exam Browser?

            Safe Exam Browser (SEB)  is a specialized web browser-environment that allows teachers to regulate student access to other websites, computer tools and resources while taking an online assignment. When a student uses the SEB for an Edcite Assignment their access to other online or unauthorised system resources, programs and system tools will be restricted, creating a secure workstation.

            For more information visit

            The SEB has to be installed and set up on every system or device that a student will be taking an Edcite assignment on.

            Q2. Where can I download the Safe Exam Browser from?

            A. For Mac OSX Users:

            Download the installer for the Safe Exam Browser 2.1 for Mac OSX:

            From the SourceForge site:



            From the GitHub Project site:


            B. For Windows Users:

            Download the installer for the Safe Exam Browser 2.1.1 for Windows:

            From the SourceForge site:


            From the GitHub Project site:

            Q3. How do I install the safe browser?

            A. For Mac OSX users, go to the Finder and find the downloaded installer (SafeExamBrowser-2.1.dmg). Double-click on the installer to start the installation. Follow the instructions to install the Browser.

            B. For Windows users, go to Windows Explorer and find the downloaded installer (SafeExamBrowserInstaller.exe). Double-click on the installer to start the installation. Follow the instructions to install the Browser.

            Q4. How do I setup the Safe Exam Browser on my computer so it works with Edcite?

            A. For Mac OSX users

            1. Open the SafeExamBrowser from the Applications folder.

            2. Click on SafeExamBrowser → Preferences at the top left of the page menu bar.

            3. Follow the steps in this link to continue setting up the Safe Exam Browser.

            B. For Windows Users

            1. In the installation directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)) open the SafeExamBrowser folder.

            1. Double-click the SEBConfigTool.exe to bring up the configuration tool for the  browser.

            1. The configuration window opens with the General tab.

            1. In the field named Start URL type

            2. Next set an administrator password, this password will be asked for when you click on SEBConfigTool.exe. Be sure to confirm the administrator password.

            3. Set a Quit/restart password, this will be asked for when the student tries to end or quit the Safe Exam Browser. Be sure to confirm the Quit/restart password.

            4. Do not uncheck the Ignore Exit Keys as this may cause the browser to  malfunction.

            1. Go to the Config File tab

            1. Enable starting an exam

            2. Set a password for SEB settings file, this password will be asked for when students open the Safe Exam Browser application.

            1. Go to the User Interface tab

            1. It is advisable to enable the full screen and touch optimized modes.

            2. Under the SEB task bar/dock section - enable the checkboxes to show Wi-Fi control, reload button, time, keyboard layout. Students will see this taskbar at the bottom right hand corner of the SEB window.

            3. You can also disable page zoom and text zoom if required.

            1. Under the Browser tab,

            1. Make sure you have enabled the Plug-ins and JavaScript.

            1. Under the Down/Uploads tab,  

            1. Make sure Download and open SEB config files is

            2. Under the Exam tab,

            1. Enable the checkbox Use Start URL (see General tab) to make sure that the edcite login page is displayed as we open the browser.

            1. Under the Applications tab,

            1. Make sure Monitor processes while Seb is running is checked.

            1. Under the Network tab,

            1. Select Proxies and enable Use SEB proxy settings.

            1. Under the Security tab,

            1. ensure that Enable logging is checked.

            1. Under the Registry tab,

            1. If any of the listed features are required you can enable them.

            1. Under the Hooked Keys tab,

            1. Enable the required special keys and function keys.

            1. Once you have set the configuration settings, click on:

            Settings → Save as for Mac OS users.

            File → Save settings for Windows users.

            Exit once done.

            Q5. How do students use the safe browser?

            1. Open the Safe Exam browser using the desktop Icon.

            Students will be asked for the SEB settings password (refer this step on how to set the settings password).

            1. The SEB window will now open with the Edcite login page as its home page.

            2. Students can now access their Edcite accounts and take assignments in a secure window.

            3. The student cannot exit the SEB without typing in the Quit/restart password (see this step on how to set a Quit/Restart password)


            For more information about firewalls, please click the link below.

            For more help on this or any other topics, please contact

            Click the following link to access the Google Document for this solution:



            Updated 23 Jan 2018

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