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            Students Unable to Access Assignment

            There are several circumstances in which students may not be able to access an assignment they have been assigned. These problems and their corresponding solutions are listed below.

            However, a quick solution is to provide the student with the Link to the assignment.  This will allow the student to access the assignment immediately.



            Students can’t log into their account.

            Check to ensure that student is using the correct userid and password. You can reset their password from you Roster page in your Teacher account.

            Students do not see the assignment in their account.

            Check to ensure that the student only has one userid on Edcite. It is possible that the assignment was sent to the wrong userid.

            Students forgot their password.

            Ask students to click on the Forgot Password link to reset their password.

            Students need an access code to access the assignment.

            Edcite Schools students may need an access code to access their assignment. This code is listed in your Teacher account on your Common Assessment page beside the assignment name.


            Updated 30 Jul 2018

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