Student Withdrawal/Refunds

Student Withdrawal/Refunds

If you are looking to Withdraw from a course or program, please review the following policies and procedures around payments and fees through The European Institute of Esthetics: 

Per our Student Handbook: Payments & Fees

Payment Credits
• All payment, registration and scholarship credits are non-transferrable.
• Credits expire after one year from date of initial payment.
Administration Fees
• Modular Course Certificate Printing Fee $25.00 (+ tax)
• Transcript Reprint $75.00 (+ tax)
• Certificate/Diploma Reprint $75.00 (+ tax)
Withdrawal/Refund Processing Fee $75.00 (+ tax)
• Tax Forms / Receipts: (see below)
*For Tax Forms/Receipts, contact the Director of Finance for a quote
Withdrawal / Refunds
To be eligible for a refund and withdraw from an individual module you must:
• Submit notice within 7 days of registration
• Have not worked past Lesson 1 of the online theory course
• Have not ordered/shipped student kit and course materials
For students enrolled in programs, please refer to the policies outlined in your enrollment contract.  

Please refer to the following sections in your Enrolment Contract: Page 2 Withdrawals/Terminations and page 2 & 3 Fee Payments & Tuition Refunds.


Program registration processing fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Should you choose to proceed with withdrawing from your program, please know that our institute will require a formal notice of your withdrawal with reasoning as to you why you are withdrawing.. Once you have completed this letter, you can submit it back to us to finalize your withdrawal process.

Please know further action will be required of you, as you will be required to notify your funding source of your withdrawal and will begin your repayment process.

Notify Student Aid 
  • Student Aid will then confirm the tuition amounts that were received including dates tuition was received, amounts and from who (Alberta or Canada). 
  • Our registrar will mark the student as Withdrawn in the Student Aid system online. 
  • Registrar will determine if a refund is warranted. 
  • All Student accounts will be suspended  

Thank you