Strategic Planning Automation - Strategic Planner

Strategic Planning Automation - Strategic Planner

Strategic Planners are the details gathered about a specific strategy of an organization. They are the starting point of the strategic planning process development, and encompass the following steps: Scope, Photo, Vision, Pricing, SWOT, Action and Responsibility.

Strategic Planner Home Page

Enable Growth provides a consolidated view of the strategic planners specific users have access to, as well as their development stages

Strategic Planners are listed by name, displayed in a list view with the following attributes:

  • Strategic Planner name

  • Strategic Planner creation date

  • Strategic Planner creator

  • Strategic Planner progress status


Create a Strategic Planner

 According to their role profile, users can create Strategic Planners.  Click on “Create New”

Create a new Strategic Planner involves setting the Strategic Planner's scope

View a Strategic Planner

 According to their role profile, users can view Strategic Planners by clicking on the Strategic Planner's name. The Strategic Planner will open on the Scope page.

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