AccuCampus: How to assign or unassign user tags utilizing reports

AccuCampus: How to assign or unassign user tags utilizing reports


Tags are very important in AccuCampus. With Tags, we can filter information as well as provide permission, rules, and access to AccuCampus features. Although Tags can be assigned/removed manually in the profile section or automatically using rules there is also a way to assign or unassign tags to users on some reports. This can be very helpful for assigning/removing tags for many users at one time. In this article, we will explain how. 


For this article, we will use the "Student Enrollment" report, but the same process can be applied to several other reports within AccuCampus.

1. Go to the General > Report section from the left-side menu and select the  "Student Enrollment" report link:

2. Select the filters that will group the users to be tagged/untagged.  In this example below, we have used the Semester filter set to "202030 (Summer 2020)", the Users with Roles filter set to "Student" and the Courses filter set to "19TH CENTURY EUROPE".

3. Once the report filters have been set, use the "Assign / Unassign Tags" tab at the top. Select whether you want to "Assign tag(s)" or "Unassign tag(s)". For this sample, we selected "Assign tag(s)" option:

4. Search for the Tag (if you have previously created one using Advanced Options-> Settings -> Tags), or create a new Tag by typing in the Tag name and selecting "Create tag:" option in the drop-down menu.  Then simply click the Run button.

5. You should see a message confirming the process is in motion:

6. After the process completes, please navigate to a User's profile under the General > Users section on the left-side menu to check your work.  These users should have now been assigned/unassigned the tag(s) you selected or created.

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