AccuCampus: How do I check staff availability ?

AccuCampus: How do I check staff availability ?


In AccuCampus, Users can filter in the real-time availability of school staff to make it easier to schedule meetings. In this article we describe how to do this.


1. Pre-requirements

Typically, all Users should have access to check staff availability without requiring additional permissions.

2. Go to Center Visits > Walk-in Times

3. Filter the information as needed

The Walk-In Times screen provides access to a multitude of filters that can be used to scope the information as needed. The possible filters are explained, below:

  • Locations - Filter selecting a specific location from the list.
  • Semester - Filter selecting a Semester from the list.
  • Period - Filter choosing a range from a “Start_Time” to an “End_Time”.
  • Service - Filter selecting a specific Service from the list.
  • Course - Filter selecting a specific Course from the list.
  • Staff - Filter selecting a specific Staff Member from the list.
  • Search by Staff - Click this option to use these filters to show a list of Staff Members, then click a name to see his/her availability (see details below).
  • Search by Date - Click this option to use these filters to show dates, along with which Staff Member is available at those times (see details below).
After selecting all filters in the previous step as needed, choose whether to Search by Staff or Search by Date

Searching By Staff

1. After selecting all filters as needed, click the Search by Staff option to see all available dates for a specific Staff Member.

2. After selecting a specific Staff Member, his/her availability will appear beneath their picture. 

Searching By Date

After selecting all desired filters, use this search option to find all available Staff Members in a given time frame. 

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