AccuCampus: How do I create a new user?

AccuCampus: How do I create a new user?


Administrators can create as many users as the university's plan allows in AccuCampus. This article explains the simple process of creating a new user.


1. Navigate to General > Users.   Go to General > Users.

2. Click the Create New button.

3. Fill in the new user's information.

Required Information
  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email - Has to be unique, and allows users to log in, reset their password, and receive messages.
  4. Roles List - Choose what role this user will be, a student, admin, etc.
  5. Scope List - Choose what areas of the university the user has access to.
Optional Information
  1. Middle Initial
  2. Card Number - Optional but recommended if the university plans on scanning cards to track what services users are taking advantage of.
  3. Password - Optional unless the user is required to log in to AccuCampus.
  4. Active - Specifies whether the user is active or not.
  5. Photo Upload
  6. Address
  7. Phone Numbers

4. Review the information, then scroll down and click Save.
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