AccuCampus How to collect feedback via Surveys?

AccuCampus How to collect feedback via Surveys?


In AccuCampus you can create Surveys as a way to collect feedback information/data from all or some of your users, such Surveys can be shown as students/staff sign-out of their sessions using Kiosks, or we can create a simple Survey with a simple question by using  AccuCampus Rules, in this article we describe how the process works.

In order to understand how Surveys work and how to build them please click here:  


1- How to present the Survey as part of the Sign-out process in a Kiosk?

1.1 Go to Center Visits --> Sign-in Stations:

1.2 Create a new Kiosk by clicking on "Create new" or edit an already existing Kiosk by clicking in the name of the Kiosk :

1.3 Go to the Kiosk "Survey Integration" section and select Built-in:

1.4 Select from the list your Survey, in this example "Survey 1".

1.5 Make sure to complete all steps required to finish the Kiosk creation and click Save when you are done, now the users will be able to fill-out the Survey when they use the Kiosk to sign-out.

2-How to send a message via AccuCampus rules to ask users to rate something?
2.1 Go to Advanced-Option--> Settings-->Rule, click "Create new" or link an existing rule:

2.2 Set a Name, Description  and a trigger that will determine when does this rule will execute, for example, if we want to ask the user to rate the Center then we  can choose as a trigger " when someone sign-in..." and as a condition when a specific Kiosk  is used(Kiosk Internal ID is known so we can compare it in the "Conditions section" as shown) for that Sign-in process  as this example:

2.3 Now we need to add an action, in this case, the action will be to ask the user to rate the location, as follows:

2.4 Now when a user signs-out through a specific Kiosk that belongs to a center we will send him a message to rate the location.

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