AccuCampus How to configure the waiting lines general settings?

AccuCampus How to configure the waiting lines general settings?


The waiting lines in AccuCampus are very important since they allow students to better manage their time, and centers to better manage their space, these lines can be "virtual" so students can add themselves via the mobile App rather than signing-in at the location itself.  "Waiting lines" have general configurable settings that we are about to describe in this article. 

Note: Only users with certain permissions/roles have access to view/manage certain features in AccuCampus so please make sure you do have the proper clearance to perform these actions.


1- Go to Advanced Option --> Settings --> Waiting Lines:

2-Configure the options:

 Allow signing-in to multiple lines - Enable this option to allow students to sign-in to multiple Waiting Lines.

 Show the "Virtual Line" widget on the home page - Enable this option to show the widget related to this feature on the homepage.

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