AccuCampus How to create Action Packs ?

AccuCampus How to create Action Packs ?


Within AccuCampus, individual Action Items can be combined into an Action Pack. This allows you to set up a series of steps that will automatically assign to a user one by one as each step is completed. Examples of this would be an Action Pack related to incoming Freshmen who must complete a form, attend orientation, and arrange housing before starting school
Before creating an Action Pack, you will need to have created Action Items. 


1-Describing groups of tasks that can be transformed into Action - Packs.

What characteristics must be present when thinking about what complex set of steps are needed to achieve bigger goals such as a Freshman orientation process.?
1- Each task in the chain of action is linked in a way that failing to do one makes the general objective fails.
2- The group of tasks has a determined deadline to be completed.

For example:
New students must go to complete forms at the Student Success Center, then they have to go through an orientation meeting and arrange housing needs before they can start school activities. 
In this Action-Pack as we can see there is 1 specific major goal ( to get all new students ready to start class), each task ends where the next task begins and if one fails the goal can not be achieved,

2-Translating these groups of tasks to AccuCampus Action Packs.

2.2-Go to Action Plan--> Action Packs and click Create new Pack:

2.3- Enter the Pack basic information and all the Action Items that are part of the group:

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