AccuCampus How to export information from AccuCampus?

AccuCampus How to export information from AccuCampus?


Administrators are allowed to download all the information saved in your account, including the sign-in logs recorded, the attendee's info, and everything else you put in our system. In this article, we describe the main process to export your information from AccuCampus.


1-Go to Advanced Options--> Export:

2-Choose the information and the output format?

On this screen, you can see a list/rows of topics or items related to certain information in AccuCampus such as Courses or Services, on each row you have 3 different output formats you can choose (CSV, HTML, and XLS). Depending on what tools are you using later to open such data make the right selection by clicking the right link, for example, if you want to export all Courses in Excel format click this link:

2.1 A message under the list shows the request progress, depending on how much data you are exporting this process can last from a few seconds to somewhat longer time:

2.2 After some time you should see a link to download the file containing all data, click the link:


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